Check out this lecture on the key facts about Hodgkins and Non-Hodgkins lypmphoma!  This video can help you prepare for step 1, Step 2CK, and Step 3!

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Lymphoma Translocation


What do most of the major translocations for non-Hodgkins lymphoma (NHL) have in common?


Read more: Lymphoma Translocation

Category: Hematology Mnemonics

Mantle Cell NHL Mnemonic

Here's a fun way to remember the translocation found in Mantle cell NHL:

Read more: Barone Video Mnemonic: Mantle Cell NHL

Category: Hematology Mnemonics

Hematology Mnemonic: Burkitt's NHL

Here's a visual way to remember some important facts about Burkitt's NHL:

Read more: Barone Mnemonic: Burkitt's NHL

Category: Hematology Mnemonics

Multiple Myeloma

Here’s a cool musical way to remember some important facts about Multiple Myeloma using Billy Joel's song "We didn't start the fire":

If you haven’t listened to this song in a while, take a few minutes. It’s a great one!!!

Read more: Barone Mnemonic: Multiple Myeloma

Category: Hematology Mnemonics

Normal Differential Mnemonic

Here's the classic way to remember which cell types are most common in the differential:

Read more: Normal Differential Mnemonic

Category: Hematology Mnemonics

Major Causes of Eosinophilia

Eosinophilia is defined as a peripheral blood count > 500/uL.

Here's a way to remember the major causes of Eosinophilia:

Read more: Eosinophilia

Category: Hematology Mnemonics

Microcytic Anemia

Here’s a how to remember which anemias are microcytic:

Read more: Barone Mnemonic: Microcytic Anemia

Category: Hematology Mnemonics

Hydrops Fetalis Mnemonic

Here's a fun way to remember Hydrops Fetalis (Alpha Thalassemia Major):

Read more: BaroneMnemonic: Hydrops Fetalis

Category: Hematology Mnemonics

Blood Banking

Here’s how to remember the Universal Donor and Universal Recipient blood types using the TV show “HOUSE”::

House Season #4 Episode 408  "You Don't Want To Know"

Read more: Barone Mnemonic: Blood Group Typing

Category: Hematology Mnemonics

Leukemia Diagnosis

Here's a simple way to use the clinical symptoms from a question vinette to help diagnose the right leukemia:

Read more: BaroneMnemonic: Leukemia

Category: Hematology Mnemonics

Star Wars Quiz Mnemonic

Can you guess the diagnosis of the pathology of this classic scene from episode 6?

Read more: Barone Star Wars Quiz Mnemonic

Category: Hematology Mnemonics

Hairy Cell Leukemia

Here's a way to use the Italian language to remember the Flow Cytometry CD Number for Hairy Cell Leukemia:

Read more: Hairy Cell : Italian mnemonic

Category: Hematology Mnemonics

Arabic Mnemonic for Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

Here’s how to remember the tyrosine kinase gene translocated in Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML):

Read more: Arabic CML Mnemonic

Category: Hematology Mnemonics

Cascada de Coagulacion del Dr. Barone

For my Latin Mafia!!!

Thanks to Dr. Carlos Albrecht

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Category: Hematology Mnemonics

The Coagulation Kid by Leo Angel (Age 6)

Even 6 year old Angel knows the Clotting Cascade! A future hematologist in the making!!!

Read more: The Coagulation Kid

Category: Hematology Mnemonics

Clotting Cascade Common Factors

Here's a simple way to remember the common factors of the clotting cascade:

Read more: Barone Mnemonic: Common Factors #1

Category: Hematology Mnemonics

Common Clotting Factor Mnemonic

Here's a fun way to remember the clotting factors of the Common Pathway:

Read more: BaroneMnemonic: Common Factors #2

Category: Hematology Mnemonics

Coagulation Cascade

Here's a way to remember the Clotting cascade using "the beautiful game"!

Read more: BaroneMnemonic: Clotting Cascade

Category: Hematology Mnemonics

Hematology Mnemonic: Von Willebrand Factor

Here's a simple way to remember the function of Von Willebrand factor (vWF):

Read more: Barone Mnemonic: Von Willebrand

Category: Hematology Mnemonics

Bernard Soulier vs Glanzmann Thrombasthenia

Here’s how to remember the glycoprotein receptors for Bernard Soulier and Glanzmann Thrombasthenia:

Read more: Barone Mnemonic: Glycoprotein Receptors

Category: Hematology Mnemonics

Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP)

Here's how to remember the laboratory findings for TTP:

Read more: Barone Mnemonic: Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP)

Category: Hematology Mnemonics

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