An amazing resource for pathology pictures and some free questions too!

Highly recommended!

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 Dr Dubin's EKG Reference sheets .pdf     [FREE!!!!]

Great summary of High-yield EKG Facts!

Use the Dubin book with the Barone EKG dance and your ready to "Rock" your Cardiology rotations!

If you like the reference sheets, consider purchasing his book!




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Essential EKG

Some EKG Basics that you should know for the boards and the wards!


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United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Official Website

Useful information straight from the source.

Make sure to do the 150 practice questions on the site!


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AMA - Frieda Residency Directory

This ia a searchable directory of all US  Residency and Fellowship programs.

A great resource for looking for programs in your area.

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USMLE Thought .com

This site offers FREE guidance, advice, and commentaries to help you better understand and prepare for the USMLE.  

I highly recommend this resource.

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