Non-Clinical Jobs for Physicians-in-Training

"What else can I do with my degree other then practice medicine?"

I get asked this question a lot so I thought I would discuss it here on my blog:


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The World Cup and Your Heart


I Love the World Cup but be careful out there....  according to a NEJM article:


Cardiovascular Events during World Cup Soccer


Conclusion:  "Viewing a stressful soccer match more than doubles the risk of an acute cardiovascular event. In view of this excess risk, particularly in men with known coronary heart disease, preventive measures are urgently needed."




Thank you NEJM, but I really didn't need a study to know this!!!!  But now we have proof that the World Cup is a "Heart Breaker"!    - Dr. B


Thanks to Dr. Joseph Bergerson


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 Congratulations to all the New Interns!  A new and exciting journey begins! 


And Congratulations to all the Residents who have leveled up, to the new Fellows, and to the new Attendings! 


It's an honor for me to follow you thru your medical career!  Make sure to keep in touch.  You ROCK!!!   - Dr. Barone 

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Here's the one that's got to change!!!!

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Greatest Question Ever Asked!


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Keeping Abreast of the Latest Research

A new study presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology in San Francisco found that applying physical pressure to malignant cancer cells in the breast may help to inhibit their growth.

Yes, you read that correctly. Squeezing breasts could help stop cancer from growing.

"Researchers at the UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have put the squeeze — literally — on malignant mammary cells to guide them back into a normal growth pattern."     Read More



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High Yield Medical Music

It's finally here!  High Yield Medical Music to help you retain and remember the key points!  Take a mental break from studying and have some fun while learning!  

  • High-yield Exam Tested points
  • Barone’s mnemonics
  • Pathology of stars
  • Quality music
  • Great memory tool
  • “Like an Auditory tattoo to your hippocampus”


Download Baronerocks Medical Music (Link Coming soon)

“Best advice to medical students?  Ride the Barone Pony on the road to success!”  - Sam Turco

"Innovative and fun! Keep up the good work!" - Dr. Steven Daugherty

"Very cleverly done!" - Mary Ruebush Ph.D

A portion of the sales goes to help families devastated by Amyotrophic Lateral sclerosis(ALS), Pediatric Brain Tumors, and to St. Judes Cancer Center.


Copyright ©2012 Thunderpath Media Inc.  All rights reserved.

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Thought you might want to know:

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"Barone Rocks" in Different Languages

"Барон Крутой" = Russian

"Барон - лучший!"

"Барон зажигает!"

"Барон - мастер!"

"Barone a király" = Hungarian

بارون فلتة    = Arabic

"Barone es lo maximo" = Spanish

"Barone la rompe!" = Peru

"Barone Arrebenta!!!" = Portuguese

"Barone je Šef!"= Croatian

"Barone je Zakon!"

Barone "bhalo",  Barone "shundhor",  Barone "joteel"!  - Bengali

巴隆-最棒的 -Mandarin

Barone Rocks in Punjabi -- Barone Balle Balle!! smile

 بارون کارش بیسته = Persian

"Barone Keren!" = Indonesian
"Barone Suangar Cok!" = Javanese Suroboyoan
"Barone Leres" = Javanese Kromo Inggil

Thanks to my awesome students!

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Interesting Findings

02/03/12  According to a study by the University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine:

"individuals who drank diet soft drinks daily were 43 percent more likely to have suffered a vascular event than those who didn’t drink any."

Click here to read more about it. 


01/27/12  Diet Soft Drink Consumption is Associated with an Increased Risk of Vascular Events in the Northern Manhattan Study

"Conclusions: Daily diet soft drink consumption was associated with several vascular risk factors and with an increased riskfor vascular events. Further research is needed before any conclusions can be made regarding the potential health consequences of diet soft drink consumption."

Click here to see the source.


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Seven Characteristics of the Ideal Doctor

You want to be the ideal doc!  Here are seven interpersonal skills that you should continue to master:

Read more: Be the Ideal Doctor

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Changing the Education Paradigm

Is standardized testing and the boards out of date?

Is ADHD actually an advantage for a physician?

I would love to hear your opinion of this interesting video:


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Medical Procedure: Replacing Body Parts

Interesting new medical way to replace organs presented on the PBS television show "NOVA science NOW."

 Watch 13 minute video here.

"Scientists are learning how to grow custom-made body parts so they can be ready when you—and your vital organs—start falling apart. At the University of Minnesota, Doris Taylor and her colleagues strip organs of their cells, reseed the organ "skeletons" with living cells, and watch as the organs start working right in front of their eyes."


Video source: NOVA science NOW

Copyright © 2011 John Barone MD. All rights reserved.


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 Food Inc.

“You’ll never look at dinner the same way again”

A look behind the veil!  One of the most important things in our life is food! Yet we never stop to think “where does it all come from?”.  Sometimes I think it might be better not to know, but this is far too important. Yes! There are poo burgers and Ecoli O157:H7, but that’s only the beginning of what this documentary brings to light about how our food makes it to the plate.  It’s got everything I say in class and more.  Learn the truth about the food that you are going to eat today!  Fortunately, this video offers some positive solutions and things that you can do to protect yourself and change this world for the better.  Remember, as doctors we must be the guardians of the public!

A must see!  I highly recommend it!

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