Note: Most MABs follow this nomenclature however there are a few exceptions!


For fun:

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

PD-1 Checkpoint Inhibitors

Here's a fun fairy tale explaining the mechanism of the PD-1 Inhibitors Nivolumab and Pembrolizumab!


Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Barone's "Drug Family Name" Cheatsheet

Here's my Cheatsheet to help you review the drug family names!  If you recognize the family... you'll know the MOA!!!

Read more: Barone CheatSheet: Drug Family Names

Category: Pharm Mnemonics


Barone's Cheetsheet of High-Yield Targeted Therapy

Here is my cheetsheet of recently tested target therarpy in medicine!:

Read more: Barone's High-Yield Targeted Therapy

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Urinary Bladder Physiology-Pharmacology Intergration

Here's a great way to intergrate the Physiology and Pharmacology of the urinary bladder:

Read more: Urinary Bladder Physio-Pharm Integration

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Ethosuximide Mnemonic


Here's a fun way to remember the mechanism of action and indications for using Ethosuximide by using the drug name! :

Read more: Ethosuximide Mnemonic

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

BaroneMnemonic:  Methemoglobinemia

Here's a fun way to remember the treatment of Methemoglobinemia by using the name!!!! :)

Read more: Methemoglobinemia Treatment Mnemonic

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Therapeutic Use of  Interferon


Here's a great way to remember what the different Interferons are used for clinically by using the name!:

Read more: Therapeutic Use of Interferon

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Terbutaline Mnemonic


Here's a great way to remember some of the key facts about Terbutaline:

Read more: Terbutaline Mnemonic

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

South Park Glaucoma Medication

Thanks to Dr. Nuwan Gunawardhana


Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Side Effects of the TB Drugs

Here's a way to remember some of the testable side effects of the major Tuberculosis Drugs:

Read more: BaroneMnemonic: TB Drug Side Effects

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Dihydrofolate Reductase Inhibitors

Here's a fun way to remember what the DHF Reductase Inhibitors have in common:

Read more: BaroneMnemonic: DHF Reductase Inhibitors

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Drugs used for Bone Marrow Recovery


Here's a simple way to use the name to remember the drugs used for Bone marrow recovery:

Read more: BaroneMnemonic: Hematology

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Todays Lession:  Aspirin

Read more: Aspirin

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Anti-Platelet Drug Mnemonic

Here's a quick way to recall the anti-platelet drugs when you see them in a question:

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Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Pharmacology Video Mnemonic

Here’s a silly way to remember the MOA and clinical use of Argatroban:

Read more: Barone Mnemonic: Argatroban

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Classic Rock Mnemonic

Here's an early 70's classic rock way to remember the function of the drug Maraviroc for you old school rock fans!

Read more: BaroneMnemonic: Maraviroc

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Liver Angiosarcoma

Here's a cool way to remember the chemicals that can cause angiosarcoma of the liver:

Read more: BaroneMnemonic: Angiosarcoma

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

ANS Drug Review

Here's a quick review of some important ANS drugs by Dr. Giannone:

Read more: ANS Drug Review

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Yohimbine Mnemonic

Here's a way to remember the 2 major uses for Yohimbine:

Read more: BaroneMnemonic: Yohimbine

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Pharmacodynamics vs Pharmacokinetics Tagalog Mnemonic

Here's a way to use Tagalog to remember the difference between Pharamacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics:

Read more: Tagalog Pharm Mnemonic

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Copper Chelation

Here's a great way to remember the copper chelator that you will use for Wilson's disease:

Read more: BaroneMnemonic: Chelation

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Antibiotic Mechanism of Action


Here's the Big Picture of the antibiotic mechanisms of action!:

Read more: BaroneMnemonic: Antibiotics MOA

Category: Pharm Mnemonics


Here's a way to use the drug name to remember some key facts about the drug class:

Read more: BaroneMnemonic: Aminoglycoside

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Metronidazole Mnemonic

Here's a cool way to remember some of the bugs that you use Metronidazole to treat as well as and some of the important side effects:

Read more: BaroneMnemonic: Metronidazole

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Esophageal Varices Medications

Here's a mnemonic for the Drugs used for Esophageal Varicies:

Read more: BaroneMnemonic: Esophageal Varices Drugs

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Pharmacology Comic Mnemonic

Here's a fun Pharmacology Comic about Pirates and Hypertension:

Read more: Pharm Comic

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Hyperkalemia with EKG Changes Treatment Mnemonic

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Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Pharmacology Mnemonic

Here’s a simple way to remember the MOA of Cytarabine :

Read more: Barone Mnemonic: Cytarabine

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

Pharmacology Mnemonic

Cimetidine is a histamine H2 receptor blocker that inhibits the production of acid in the stomach.

Here's how to remember the effect of Cimetidine on cytochrome p450:

Read more: Barone Mnemonic: Cimetidine

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

PTH Effect on Phosphate in the Kidney

Here's a simple way to use the name to remember the location and effect of PTH on phosphate in the kidney:

Read more: PTH Mnemonic

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

The name has the answer!

Category: Pharm Mnemonics

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