Inner Life of a Cell Animation

Here's a really nice look at the anatomy and functions of a cell at an ultrastructural level.  This animation demonstrates leukocyte extravasation and illustrates the following processes:

  • Leukocyte rolling via Selectins
  • Cell membrane bilipid layer and cell manbrane proteins
  • Spectrin cytoskeleton
  • Microtubules and vessicular transport
  • Protein translation
  • Intergrin activation and adhesion


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Photo credits: Nephron (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Category: Anatomy Mnemonics

Genu Valgum vs. Genu Varum

Here's a fun way to use the name to remember the difference between Genu Valgum and Genu Varum!

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Tibal Fractures

Here's some key facts about fracture of the tibial which occured to the MMA fighter Anderson Silva during the second round of his fight against Chris Weidman in December 2013:

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Video Challenge #1


Watch this video and tell me what's the diagnosis for this classic sign?

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Category: Anatomy Mnemonics

Video Challenge #2

Watch the video and tell me what disease is associated with this finding?

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Category: Anatomy Mnemonics

Physiology Video Mnemonic

Here's a fun way to remember the lung volumes and capacities using M&M's:

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Category: Anatomy Mnemonics

Draw the Pons!

Here's how to quickly draw the lower Pons on the exam to figure out all the pontine syndromes!

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Liver Zone Mnemonic

The centrilobular hepatocytes represent which zone of the Liver?

  1. Zone 1
  2. Zone 2
  3. Zone 3

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Spleen Mnemonic

Here's a mnemonic for the spleen that's been around for a long time but it still works!

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Category: Anatomy Mnemonics

Sites of Absorption

Here's two ways to remember the sites of absorption for Iron, B12, and Folate:

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Category: Anatomy Mnemonics

Embryology Mnemonic

Here's a fun way to remember the Neural Crest Derivatives:

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Category: Anatomy Mnemonics

Cranial Nerve Innervation of the Tongue

Here's an easy way to remember the innervation of the tongue using a simple mnemonic:

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Category: Anatomy Mnemonics

G-Protein Coupled Receptor Mnemonic

Here's an interesting way to remember the G-protein coupled receptors.

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"Hand of Benediction" Sign Mnemonic

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Category: Anatomy Mnemonics

Barone Video Mnemonic: Superior Oblique Innervation

Here's a simple way to remember the cranial nerve innervation of the Superior Oblique muscle:

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Wernicke vs Broca Mnemonic

by Elizabeth Perez MD



See the Video: Wernicke vs Broca Mnemonic

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Pharyngeal Arch Mnemonic by Timothy Tiu MD

If you've ever struggled to remember the Pharyngeal arch....  this mnemonic is for you!

Dr. Tiu breaks it down and makes it memorable!!!

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Category: Anatomy Mnemonics

Anatomy Mnemonic : Pharyngeal Arch Cranial Nerves

Here's a way to remember the cranial nerves associated with each Pharyngeal Arch:

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Category: Anatomy Mnemonics

Tongue Sensation

Here's Dr. Alajaj's followup video. He uses the Pharyngeal arch mnemonic to learn the innervation for tongue sensation.

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Category: Anatomy Mnemonics

Hypothalamus Mnemonic

Here's an easy way to remember the functions of the hypothalamus:

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Stretch Reflex Anatomy Mnemonic

Here's a mnemonic to remember all the stretch reflexes and their innervation by using a Nursery Rhyme many of us already know!

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Category: Anatomy Mnemonics

Gag Reflex Mnemonic

Here's a great way to remember the important anatomy of the gag reflex:

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Category: Anatomy Mnemonics

Signs of Hypocalcemia


Here's a video demonstrating the two classic signs of hypocalcemia - Chvostek's and Trousseau's signs:

Read more: BaroneVideo: Signs of Hypocalcemia

Category: Anatomy Mnemonics

The 12 Cranial Nerves of Christmas

Here's a musical way to remember the cranial nerves:

Read more: Cranial Nerve Christmas Song

Category: Anatomy Mnemonics

Quick Summary: Third Cranial Nerve Palsy

3rd Cranial Nerve palsy [Oculomotor nerve]



Associated with uncal herniation, ischemic injury, tumor, aneurysm of the PCA.


Video source:

Copyright © 2011 John Barone MD. All rights reserved.
Category: Anatomy Mnemonics

Quick Summary: Fourth Cranial Nerve Palsy



4th Cranial Nerve Palsy [Trochlear nerve]



Associated with trauma, ischemic injury, tumor, and may be congenital.


Video source:

Copyright © 2011 John Barone MD. All rights reserved.
Category: Anatomy Mnemonics

Quick Summary: Sixth Cranial Nerve Palsy


6th Cranial Nerve palsy [Abducen's nerve]



Associated with increased ICP and ischemic injury.


Video source:

Copyright © 2011 John Barone MD. All rights reserved.


Category: Anatomy Mnemonics

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