Barone's Top 12 Tips for writing a Great Personal Statement

Let's face it... the Personal Statement is the hardest thing to write. And honestly, we dread reading them almost as much as students dread writing them!  We often use the personal statement to get a feel for who the student is, to see they can communicate well, and to make sure the applicant is not crazy!(seriously... you would be shocked to read some of the things students have written!!!).  A really great personal statement can help you get an interview but a bad one will get your application thrown out. In general, most personal statements are bland and full of BS (bull$h!t).  Here are some my tips to help guide you down the road:

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How to Rock Your Letters of Recommendation

By Elizabeth McKinnon 


Friends, it never ends. Yesterday you were asking your college professors and the family practitioner you shadowed for recommendation letters for medical school. Today, you’re about to step into a new role as a budding resident, and one of the most important aspects of your application has to be taken care of.  Letters of recommendation (LOR) are extremely important, and no one knows that better than a 4th year student on the interview trail.

Obtaining good recommendation letters is key to having an application that fleshes out who you are. Until now, you’ve been listed as a series of numbers, letter grades, and board scores. And while this specific data matters, ultimately your chances of being chosen for an interview will be better if you are well-reflected in your letters. A good recommendation adds your humanity to your application.


So in order to better help you, I’ve complied my top 5 tips for getting great letters of recommendation. You don’t have to follow these to a T, but these are general guidelines that will help you get the LOR you want.


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Como Obtener Estupendas Cartas de Recomendación

By Elizabeth McKinnon


Amigos, no tiene fin. Ayer estabas preguntando a tu Profesor universitario y al Medico de Medicina Familiar con el que estuviste trabajando por  cartas de recomendación para entrar a la escuela de medicina. O quizás nunca necesitaste una. Hoy, estas a punto de iniciar tu trabajo de residente, y necesitas poner atención a  uno de los aspectos más importantes de tu aplicación. Las Cartas de Recomendación (LOR) son extremadamente importante, y nadie sabe esto mejor que un estudiante de medicina de 4to año o el médico graduado en el extranjero rumbo a la entrevista.

Obtener una buena carta de recomendación es la clave para lograr una aplicación que realmente refleje quien eres. Hasta ahora, haz sido una serie de números, notas de grado y notas de la junta médica. Aunque estos son datos importantes, ultimadamente tus chances de ser elegido para una entrevista son mejores si tus cartas de recomendación reflejan que tan bueno eres. Una buena carta de recomendación transforma tu aplicación en alguien real

Así que con el propósito de ayudarte, he recopilado mis mejores 5 consejos para obtener buenas cartas de recomendación:


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