Antibody Review with The Joker!!!

Time to die.... or rather review the most tested antibody associations with the world famous immunologist... the Joker!!   HAHAHAHA

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Category: Immunology Mnemonics

Autoantibody Cheatsheet

Here's another "Barone Cheatsheet" for some of the important autoantibody associations:

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Category: Immunology Mnemonics

Interleukin-5 Mnemonic

Here's a fun way to remember the role of IL-5 in immunology:

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Category: Immunology Mnemonics

Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome Mnemonic

Here is a fun way to remember the immunoglobulin levels in Wiskott Aldrich syndome

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Category: Immunology Mnemonics

X-linked Agammaglobinemia of Bruton (XLA) Mnemonic


Here's a cool mnemonic to remember the key facts of Brutons XLA using HELLBOY!!!!!:

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Category: Immunology Mnemonics

The HLA Clinic

The HLA clinic is now open and Dr. Balderrama is back to do a fun, High-Yield review of testable HLA associations.  Know them cold!  Enjoy...


Category: Immunology Mnemonics

CD Number Magic


How does he do that?!?!?     He totally rocks! 

Category: Immunology Mnemonics


"The Boy in the Plastic Bubble" (1976)


Here is the first movie that started John Travolta's career. He plays a boy with Severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID)! It is public domain so you can go to the website and watch it for free.


WARNING: It was made in the 70's, before you were born, so it may look a little weird to your MTV-generation eyes!


Click here to watch video in a new window

Category: Immunology Mnemonics

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