Radiology Mnemonic


Here's an easy way to remember MRI image weighting using Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Terminator Movies:

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Neuroanatomy Review from "Pinky and the Brain"

Here's a fun review of neuroanatomy from the cartoon "Pinky and the Brain":

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Neuropathology:  "Bodies in the Brain"

Here's a quick summary of the composition and disease associations for some of the bodies found in the brain!

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Neuropathology Mnemonic

Dr. Ray is back to give us a neuropathology mnemonic for remembering some distinguishing features of Parkinson's disease, Pick's disease, and Lewy Body dementia.

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Layers of the Meninges

Here's a simple way to remember the layers of the meninges:

Artwork:  Thanks to Dr. Jerry Kumpukal.

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Parkinson Mnemonic

Here's a way to remember the classic motor symptoms of Parkinson disease:

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Huntington's Mnemonic

Here's the fine work of one of my Live-on-line student.... taking my mnemonic and putting it to music:

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Alzheimer Disease

Here's how to remember that Hirano bodies are associated with Alzheimers disease:

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"My Tongue is Dancing"


Patient History

A 47-year-old male presents to the physician complaining that "my tongue is dancing".  He has a 1-year history of difficulty swallowing solids and liquids as well as a decrease in the volume of his voice. Physical examination reveals weakness and atrophy of his leg muscles bilaterally and mildly slurred speach.  His sensory functions are intact.  Electromyography shows evidence of active and chronic denervation.


Q1: Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?

Please answer the question.


Q2: Which of the following is the most likely histologic finding?                            

Please answer the question.


Q3: Which of the following medications may be helpful for this condition?                           

Please answer the question.

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New FDA-Approved Drug for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

First new FDA-approved drug for ALS in 22 years... the antioxidant Edaravone (Radicava).



  • First new drug for ALS in 22 years!!!
  • Antioxidant Edaravone (brand name: Radicava)
  • Mechanism is not fully known but is thought to confer neuroprotection because of its free-radical scavenging activity.
    • It's NOT a cure... but...
    • Edaravone was shown to slow the progression of ALS when started early in the disease course.
  • The only other drug for ALS is Riluzole which was approved in 1995.



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Most Common Brain Tumors

Here is a good way to remember the most common primary brain tumors in adults by using the NY Giants:

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Pilocytic Astrocytoma

Here is a video to help you remember the important features of Pilocytic astrocytomas:

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Medulloblastoma Poem

Here's a short poem to remind us of some facts about Medulloblastoma:

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