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Finally a good use for your smartphone other then FB and selfies!!!!!  Actually using your phone for learning!!!!!

Thanks to Dr. Edgar Bello and his girlfriend!

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Bugs Associated With Cancer

Here's a nice cheatsheet of the testable associations between bugs and cancers!

Read more: Bugs Associated With Cancer

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

Mnemonic for Viruses with a Segmented Genome

Here's a way to remember the number of segments for viruses with a segmented genome!

Read more: Mnemonic for Viruses with a Segmented Genome

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

Microbiology Electron Microscopy Quiz

Here are the Electron Microscopy Images of 4 classic pathologic infectious agents.  Are you up for the challenge of this 4 question quiz?

Read more: Electron Microscopy Image Quiz

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

Photo Credit: Causes of childhood exanthema by EYOB DAGNEW from ETHIOPIA

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics


Can you guess the names of these 3 food-borne bacteria pictured above?

Read more: The 5 Second Rule

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

Zika Virus Questions and Answers

Here are some important questions and answers about Zika Virus:

Read more: Zika Virus: 7 Key Questions

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Monster Mystery: Lake Monster or Infectious Disease?

This is an electron microscopy of an infectious organism from a cell culture. Which of the following organisms is the most likely pictured in this photo?

  1. Campylobacter jejuni

  2. Corynebacterium diphtheriae

  3. Ebola virus

  4. The Loch Ness Monster

  5. Treponema pallidum

  6. Rhabdovirus

Read more: Mystery of the Lake Monster

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Chlamydia Mnemonic


Here is a fun way to remember a few facts about Chlamydia:

Read more: BaroneMnemonic: Chlamydia

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

Photo credit: CDC / Dr. Christopher Paddock / James Gathany

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

Arabic Microbiology Mnemonic

Here's a fun way to use Arabic to remember some of the important bacteria that use transformation to exchange genetic information:

Read more: Barone Mnemonic: Bacterial Transformation

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

Microbiology Mystery at the Playboy Mansion!


February 2011

Several days after attending a pool party hosted at the legendary Playboy Mansion, over one hundred guests became ill complaining of respiratory problems, flu-like symptoms, and pneumonia. One guest suspected that a fog machine used indoors at the party may have been involved.

Can you name the warm water loving bacteria that when aerosolized can lead to a flu-like illness and potentially pneumonia?

Hint:  "You should have seen what I cysteine in the grotto!"

What’s your guess?  Or do you require “on-scene” investigation? It’s on the boards and even Hugh knows this answer now!!!


Read more: Microbiology Mystery at the Playboy Mansion

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Naked RNA Virus Mnemonic


Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

New Treatment for C. difficile

What can be done for patients with pseudomembranous colitis who don't respond to Metronidazole or vancomycin therapy?

Read more: Medical Advances: C difficile

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

Barone Summary: Bugs and Blood


Can you name some other Bugs that would fit these categories?

Thanks to Dr. Shyam Kumar.

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Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

"The Normal Flora Guy"

Here's a quick review of the normal bacterial flora:

Read more: Normal Flora

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

The Strep Family

Here's a fun way to remember some important features of the Streptoccocus family!:

Read more: Strep Video Mnemonic

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

Syphilis Mnemonic

Here's a fun way to remember some key features of Syphilis using Al Capone:

Read more: BaroneMnemonic: Syphilis

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

Colonoscopy Finding

What kind of a anemia is associated with this organism?


Read more: Micro Video Quiz #2

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

Unexpected Colonoscopy Finding

Can you name that worm and give the classic treatment of choice?

Read more: Micro Video Quiz #1

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

Aspergillus Mnemonic

Here’s a simple way to remember Aspergillus :

Read more: Barone Mnemonic: Aspergillus

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

Barone Video Mnemonic: Microbiology

Here's an easy way to remember the deep fungal infections:

Read more: Barone Mnemonic: Deep Fungal Infections

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics


Mycology Made Easy


Thanks to Dr. Ray Nakshabendi!

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

Geographic Distribution of Endemic Fungal Infections in the US

Coccidioidomycosis = Southwestern US (California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah,Texas)

Histoplasmosis = Mississippi-Ohio River Valley (Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, Iowa)

Blastomycosis = Mississippi-Ohio River Valley and East Coast (North & South Carolina)

Thanks to Dr. James Ghattas!


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Cryptococcus CheatSheet

Here's my "Cheatsheet" of all you need to know about Cryptococcus Neoformans:

Read more: Barone Cheatsheet: Cryptococcus

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

Creutzfeldt–Jakob Disease Mnemonic

Here's a good way to remember the CSF findings in Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease:

Read more: Creutzfeldt–Jakob Mnemonic

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Functional Cure for HIV/AIDS   -  "The Berlin Patient"


Could this be the first man to ever be cured of HIV?

He recieved a bone marow transplant and is now testing HIV negative!!!!!

1. What was "special" about the bone marrow transplant that he received?

2. Which part of the HIV virus does this co-receptor interact with?

3. What disease is he now at risk of getting?

4. What is the new class of drugs that was invented to block this co-receptor?


Read more: Medical Advance: Functional Cure for HIV/AIDS

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics


HIV Replication

Awesome Illustration of HIV Replication.   See if you can figure out what each step is!  Then watch the second video which has narration to find out if you got it correct!



HIV Replication, With Voiceover

This is the narrated version with drug targets!


Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

Microbiology Bedtime Stories (HHV1&2)

Here's a "bedtime story" about Herpes to remind you of some important features of this infection:

Read more: Microbiology Bedtime Story

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

The Congenital Rubella Baby

Here's a fun video to help remember the key features of Congenital Rubella:

Read more: BaroneMnemonic: Congenital Rubella

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

Positive Sense RNA Virus Word Association Mnemonic


Download the Cheatsheet!


Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

Negative Sense RNA Virus Mnemonic by Dr. Carlos H. Castellon II, MD

Read more: RNA (-) Virus Mnemonic

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

Positive Sense RNA Virus Mnemonic by Dr. Carlos H. Castellon II, MD

Read more: RNA (+)Sense Virus Mnemonic

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

Fecal-Oral Viral Transmission

Here's a fun way to remember some of the viruses that are transmitted fecal-orally:

Read more: Fecal-Oral Viral Transmission

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

Cervical Mystery

Can you solve this case? :

Read more: Cervical Mystery

Category: Microbiology Mnemonics

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