Advice for making your Rank List

Here's some advice for making your Rank List based on match data and information from students who have been successful in matching:



1. "If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it!"

Rank all of the programs that you really want, regardless of your chances of matching in those programs. 



2. "To rank or not to rank... that is the question"

Don't rank any program from which you wouldn't accept a match position.  After interviewing, if you know that you would be miserable working at the program then that's a good reason not to rank.  If on the other hand, you don't like it as much as the other programs then you should still rank it. Always ask yourself, "Would matching at this program be worse then not matching?"





3.  "They want me!"

Rank all of the programs that have expressed an interest in you and that you would accept a position from. 

But don't use 'expressed interest' to make your rank order. Rank order should always be based on your personal preference for a program and not what people promise you!



4. "Go for your dreams!"


Rank Order:  I always recommend that students rank the programs that they want in the order that they want them!

Put your 'dream' programs first!!! The match algorithm is weighted towards the applicant. Go with your gut!  Where do you think you will be the happiest?  Consider which attributes of a program are most important to you:  location, specialty, academic vs. community, name, feeling of the program on the interview, etc.




5. "Mix it up!"


You must rank a mixture of both highly competitive and less competitive programs and specialties to have the best chance of a successful match.  I have seen students with great board scores not match because they only rank the best programs.  It's critical to rank some 'safety' programs that you would accept a position at.




6. Always have a back-up Plan


Are you applying for a competitive specialty?

Scores lower then you’d like?

Got some red flags on the application?

You should seriously consider having a "back-up" specialty. Things have gotten very competitive. It’s not unusual for students to apply to several different specialties.  Remember to only apply to specialties that you would be happy doing and not just because they are easier to get into!!! Rank the specialty programs that you want the most first and then the back-up specialty programs next.



7. "Size matters!"

On average, students who matched had longer match lists then students who didn't match.  Hmmm.... it pays to have a long list! 

The more competitive the specialty, the longer your list should be.


8. "Making a list and checking it twice"

Make your list.  Sleep on it overnight.  Look over your rank list several times. 



9.  "Let it go!"

Let it go... let it go!  Release your positive intentions in the universe... and then certify your rank list!

Remember to certify before the deadline!

Rank order lists must be certified by 9:00 PM ET. on Wednesday February 21th 2018!!!



10. "The Waiting Game!"

Congratulations on playing the 'Match game'.  Now it's out of your hands!  Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match!

March 12th 2018 Victory Day  - Applicants find out if they matched!

March 16th 2018 Match Day  - Applicants find out where they matched!



"Good Luck & May the match be with you!" - Dr. Barone



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Creating a Supplemental Rank Order List

If your applying to an advanced program in the match you will need to make a supplemental rank order list of preliminary programs.  

Advanced programs include specialties such as:

  • Anesthesiology
  • Dermatology
  • Neurology
  • Physcal Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Diagnostic Radiology and Interventional Radiology


Here's a video explaining how to create a supplemental rank order list to get your preliminary training.


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