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Step 2 CK Changes the Number of Question


  • Beggining on July 10, 2016 the Step 2 CK will be reducing the number of questions from a maximum of 355 to a maximum of 318!
  • The exam length is unchanged with 8 blocks of questions each having 60 minutes to complete. 
  • The scores on the exams before and after the number of question change will be comparable.
  • There will be a delay in reporting the scores but the target date for reporting will be September 14th 2016 in time for the match!


What does this mean for me?

This kind of reduction in questions has also happened in step 1 and is not surprising. The difficulty and complexity of the exam questions continues to increase over time.  As the exam questions gradually get more difficult, they have been reducing the number of questions... effectively giving you more time to complete each question.  With less total questions, each question will carry more weight.

It should not affect your preparation at all.  You take the exam when and where you are most prepared to get your best score.  Great scores open doors!  Hodor!!!


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New 2015 Step 2CK Practive Materials Released

Download:  2015 Practice Items   [***Many new questions compared to 2014***]

Other Step 2CK 2CS and Step 3 Practice materials Download Page


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CS / CK Dates for 2016 Match

To have your scores back in time to apply in the first wave of the Match in September 2015, you should schedule to take your exams by the following dates:


Step 2 CS 2015

For examinees who test from:           The scores will be reported between: 
May 24th - July 11th 2015 August 12th - September 9th 2015
July 12th - September 5th 2015 October 7th - November 4th 2015


Key to success:  To insure that your scores are available,  you should plan on getting the CS done by July 11th 2015 if possible.

Step 2 CK 2015

For step 2 CK the scores are generally reported within 4 weeks, so you can take it as late as mid August and still have the scores available for September 15th 2015.   Since there are often delays in reporting during this busy time,  it best to be safe and get your exam done by the end of July!

Key to success:  Since the CS is harder to schedule and takes longer to get the scores back, it's sometimes better to get the CS done first and then battle the CK.



Get CS done by July 11th 2015

Get CK done by end of July (best) or the latest by August 15th 2015

Key to Success:  Getting Great Scores is the ultimate key to opening doors.  So take it when you are the most prepared and likely to get your best scores!!! 


Source: ECFMG.org

Thanks to Dr. Gibu George

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CK Score Increase

Slaying the Dragon just got a little harder!!!  

The new minimum passing score on Step 2 CK will be raised from 203 to 209 on July 1, 2014.

This is the 4th time that they have nudged the scores up...

2010  184 => 189

2012  189 => 196

2013  196 => 203

2014  203 => 209

No worries, we are shooting for 260 anyway!!!! 

​According to the website www.usmle.org,   small increases in the number of biostatistics and epidemiology items will appear in Step 2 beginning in 2010 and in Step 3 in 2011.

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Master the Boards Ethics by Conrad Fischer


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