Cardiac Tamponade

Here are some important facts about Cardiac Tamponade!:

Cardiac Tamponade

Definition: Compression of the heart by a pericardial effusion (accumulation of blood, fluid, pus, or gas in the pericardial sac) leading to hemodynamic compromise.

Classic findings in patients with cardiac tamponade include:

Diagnosis: Echocardiogram

Initial management: Pericardiocentesis or pericardial window


Pathophysiology of Beck's Triad

Elevated intrapericardial pressure compresses the heart leading to:

  1. Decreased filling of the heart during diastole => decreased stroke volume (low blood pressure)
  2. Increased intracardiac pressure in the RA and RV => Impaired venous return to the heart (JVD)
  3. Fluid surrounding the heart => Muffled or distant heart sounds


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This is an amazing graphic statement!! You are incredible!!I'm going to share the link with my class. Thank you!!
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Thank you for the request. Absolutely you may use it. Good luck with your presentation!
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I like your Beck's triad picture. Can I use it on a presentation? Of course that I will give credit in the reference section.

Thank you very much!

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