Considering a Cardiology Fellowship?

  • Applicants must have completed a residency in Internal Medicine
  • Cardiovascular Disease fellowships are three years in length with one year devoted to research
  • In the 2014 Match, 797 out of 1,106 total applicants matched = 72% Match Rate.
  • In the 2017 Match, 855 out of 1,147 total applicants matched = 75% Match Rate.
  • Average Yearly Compensation $357,000
  • Overall Satisfaction with specialty: 45%
  • Would choose the same specialty again: 54%

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Data Sources:

  1. NRMP Charting Outcomes in the Match Specialties Matching Service, Appointment Year 2011 : Characteristics of Applicants Who Matched in Their Preferred Specialty
  2. Medscape Physician Compensation Report: 2013


#1 Wilman O 2015-12-19 18:08
Dr. John Barone. I just Matched cardiology. IMG from El Salvador, graduation year 2008. 4 Abstracts, 2 years of research as a volunteer in Chagas Disease in LA while taking my USMLE steps. I attended your lectures in 2011, Kaplan Pasadena. Thanks for your nice teaching.
Category: Specialty

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