Hypothalamus Mnemonic

Here's an easy way to remember the functions of the hypothalamus:

Imagine the hypothalamus as a car:

  • Anteriorly is the radiator (Cooling)
  • Posteriorly is the exhaust (Heating)
  • Laterally is the gas cap (Hunger)
  • Medially is the gas tank (Satiety)
  • The sun roof (suprachiasmatic) when you see the stars you want to go to sleep => circadian rhythm



Thanks to Martin Gomez MD.

Photo Credit: Tom Hiltz (redvette)

Copyright © 2011 John Barone MD. All rights reserved.


#1 Pooja P 2016-09-21 21:30
This is one of your extreme best Dr. John Barone. Thank you so much! I'm surely not forgetting this one! :lol:
Category: Anatomy Mnemonics

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