Stretch Reflex Anatomy Mnemonic

Here's a mnemonic to remember all the stretch reflexes and their innervation by using a Nursery Rhyme many of us already know!


Remember the Nursery Rhyme "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe"....

  • "1-2 buckle my shoe"
    -----You buckle your shoe close to your ankle
    S1-2 -----> ANKLE REFLEX

  • "3-4 KICK open the door..."
    --- to kick open the door you flex your knee
    L3-4 ------> KNEE REFLEX

  • "5-6 pick up the sticks"
    ---- to pick up the sticks... you FLEX your elbow joint
    C5-6 ---->  BICEPS REFLEX

  • "7-8 lay them straight"
    ----to lay anything straight you must EXTEND your elbow joint
    C7-8 -----> TRICEPS REFLEX


Thanks to Jasleen Minha MD

Category: Anatomy Mnemonics

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