You Gotta Have Faith

  • Step 1: 215
  • Step 2CK: 236
  • Gap: 7-year Gap since graduation
  • Non-US IMG


When your a non-US IMG who has low board scores and a 7 year gap gotta work hard, make connections, and have faith!  Read more about this amazing success story:


Hi Dr. Barone!!

Thanks for the all of the advice!

I got accepted for a prematch in IM in NYC!

- E.


Dr. Barone: Totally awesome! Any advice for future applicants on getting a prematch?


Hmm well my story I guess it’s an atypical one. But the summary is do your very best and have faith that God will help you. But you really have to be persistent!


It is true building your network certainly helps but in my case I didn’t excel at that. It’s funny how things work. I was given the opportunity to volunteer with some doctors in an outpatient clinic. I worked there until now. And you know they were kind enough to introduce me to a third Doctor.


So that’s been it.. only 3 doctors who were my network!


I’ve worked as strong as I could. And of course ask God to guide me through.. because many people think “oh outpatient clinic you’re not in the hospital .. they are just exploiting you”... but honestly that was my chance and I took it.


The doctors helped me by writing emails about me to their contacts


And well with God’s help I got some interviews and then after a while I got my acceptance letter!!


When I came here I knew it was going to be very hard.  Especially because I had graduated in 2010... I had some gaps in my career. Building my personal statement was the worst torture cause I was very scared to explain how did I got here ... Why it took me so long to decide to apply to the US etc!


And then my step 1 score wasn’t the best.  It was a miracle that I passed my step 1 in the first place cause I had a severe depression I could barely focus. Anyhow it’s in the past.



Dr. Barone: OMG you are an inspiration!


Nah Doc I am someone who made a couple of really bad mistakes and got a chance to amend them.. I guess I could say I was blind for too long and didn’t appreciate what I had but now I know that when everything is dark you just have to do your very best.. ask God for the courage to keep on going and leave your past behind and work on your future. Always try to follow what you know is right. And well be really patient. If you get an opportunity just take it.  Free observs.. paid.. whatever it is just take the shot and work hard .. remember you’re treating people there not just a standing furniture.. participate, cooperate, help in whatever you can!



Dr. Barone: May I ask, what where your board scores?


215 on the 1st step and 236 on the ck.  First attempt.



Dr. Barone: What do you think was the most important factor(s) in getting matched there?


Hmmm.. God mostly.. I mean yeah one of the Doctors I worked with kept emailing the program director about how hardworking I was and how bright I was etc so it was very helpful



Dr. Barone:  Wow! Those connections really came thru!!! How many programs did you apply to and how many interviews did you get?


Hmm I applied to 178 programs and got 3 interviews.

I didn’t attend to the last cause I found out I had prematched!


Thanks for listening! And thanks for sharing the success stories.


- E.   Prematch IM Feb 2018

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