A SOAP Success Story

The SOAP has a dismal success rate for IMG's.  Here's a success story showing how the connections that you make along the way can rally help you when you need them the most!

Hello Dr Barone!!


Since you were asking for successful stories to tell, I have one, it's not really mine but it's about my friend from Ecuador. She applied late to the match because she got the results of her Step 2CK in mid October. It wasn't a great score... she got a 231.


She was scared but then she applied. She got 6 interviews, all in good places and she went went to all the interviews. The thing is, that at the end, she was very happy and decided to rank the most competitive hospitals first. She was confident but when match day came... she didn't match!      It was really hard.. she was devastated. 


She is an IMG like me so SOAP is like impossible. But anyways she applied with little hope. In the SOAP there was a hospital that she applied for in the match but since it was late October she didn't get an interview there. So Tuesday during SOAP, she received a call from that place and had a phone interview with the program director! And the next day she got an offer from that hospital which obviously she accepted!!!  So it was a happy ending,  so she is in!!      I'm telling the story for her since she doesn't have fb!! Have a great day doc!! Thanks for keeping us motivated you rock!!


E. D.  March 2017


PS: Oh and I forgot to tell you the most important part.  In that hospital, she has a latino friend that she met at Kaplan and she called him (right after the phone interview) and he recommended her to the program director!   So like you always say, contacts make a lot of help in this country!!!



Editors Note:  Here's a look at how hard it is for an IMG to Match in the SOAP:   SOAP Results for 2017


#2 Dr. Barone 2017-03-28 14:31
Quoting Pat:
This may be a silly question but that exactly is SOAP? Not familiar with it.

SOAP = "Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Prgram" After the match is over, it's a second chance for unmatched applicants and programs to make a match. http://www.nrmp.org/residency/soap/
#1 Pat 2017-03-27 04:11
This may be a silly question but that exactly is SOAP? Not familiar with it.
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