Believe in Your Goal

  • Finished medical school in 1999!!!
  • Mother of 2 young children!
  • Failure on CS
  • Step 1 216
  • Step 2 235
  • Step 3 218
  • Didn't match last year!

What is the the chance of matching for an IMG mother of 2 with a 16 year gap from Medical School, a failure on CS, and low board scores?  ... 100% if you believe in your goal!!!


I want to share my successful history . The point is never ever give up. I'm an IMG from Colombia. I Graduated medical school in 1999 then did residency in Ob/gyn and worked for 10 years.  I came to the United States and started study with Kaplan Miami in 2012 on an F1 visa.


I woke up early study 4 to 7am then take care of the kids . Study 9 to 3pm during school time . When the kids falling sleep study 1 or 2 more hours. My husband helped me a lot . You have to have a goal, believe in it and work for it.


I took the Step 1 and got a 216. Three months later took CS and failed.    While waiting for my result I passed the CK 235.  Then I repeated the CS and passed! Started as an observer at a Florida hospital for 9 months. Pass step 3 with a 218.


Apply match 2015 - 75 ob/gyn, 60 IM, 15 family med - but only received 1 interview.... and no good result. Almost give up but God gave me another opportunity I got a fellow research position at a University in Texas. I worked so hard from the start and went to all meetings and meet a lot of faculties. I was planning on waiting to apply until 2017 because I want to spend more time in research but a friend of mine that works at the university convinced me to change my mind.  So I applied to the 2016 match three weeks late but with really good LORs this time. I only applied to 10 hospitals, I got 2 interviews in family medicine and I MATCHED !!!!  I matched at a program that was affiliated with the University that I was doing the research. My dream comes true. Never give up!


C.C. March 20, 2016


#12 M.j. M 2017-01-27 02:01
Thank you for sharing! I am looking forward to share my success story one day. Still in the running and still believing! You just brightened my snowy day :-)
#11 Caro 2016-12-08 01:23
You inspired me a lot!
#10 Connie R 2016-04-18 23:57
This is me.
I am not alone
#9 Muhammad M 2016-03-25 00:05
Thanks for your posts, it motivates me
#8 Gantsetseg N 2016-03-23 04:21
So inspiring story , thanks Dr John Barone
#7 Deepankar M 2016-03-23 03:47
Wow, I'm back in the race!
#6 Suhani L 2016-03-23 03:45
Wow what a great story !! We should never give up until we matched .. :-)
#5 Naheed M 2016-03-22 21:20
Where there is a will there is a way!
#4 Saliena K 2016-03-22 03:26
These posts are giving me hopeeeee :lol:
#3 Charu S 2016-03-22 02:56
The struggle is real! No one can understand and make sense of your journey but you. NEVER GIVE UP
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