Glen Campbell

Legendary country music song writer and singer has been battling Alzheimer disease since being diagnosed in 2011.  He has written and performed many country hit songs including "Rhinestone Cowboy".  He also had a popular television variety show and has been inducted in the Country Music Hall of Fame.


Some classic findings of Alzheimer's displayed in the video below about his farewell tour:

  • Difficulty remember recent events
  • He plays the same song that he just finished playing.
  • He has to be reminded that he has the disease.
  • He remembers remote events better then recent ones.
  • He relays on a teleprompter to remember the lyrics of his songs.



As his memory fades, he writes his final song... a love song to his wife.    In the song, he still manages to use irony to keep a sense of humor about his terrible disease.... he titled the song "I'm not going to miss you".    Bittersweet...  "tear"



This is a devastating disease.  It effects not only the patient but their families.  Your generation will find ways to stop the progression and hopefully reverse the effects.


Category: Pathology of the Stars

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