Medical Mistake #4 in Dexter [Season 5]

Episode 509 (Season 5, Episode 9) - Teenage Wasteland

Dexter defends his stepdaughter and her friend by teaching an abusive father a lesson.

At 1:22 of the clip, he punchs him and says “That’s your liver!”  

Q:  What's wrong with Dexter's statement?






The anatomic location is completely wrong!  

I think that Dexter needs a new anatomy lesson.   Last time I checked, the liver is in the right side.  He’s punching him on the left!!!!!   Dexter…. That’s the spleen!

Then at 2:26 he says “By the way, that’s your kidney!”  => He didn’t even come close there either!!!!  Totally missed the kidney!

No worries, the show is still awesome!!!  Looking forward to the new season!


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#1 brick house 2017-02-17 07:25
absolutely right, i noticed it too when i did took a second marathon spin on the series. Kidney shots were at least close but the live was completely wrong. What it does when hit is on the mark though.
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