Medical Mistake #1 in Dexter [Season 1]

Episode 4 - "Let's give the boy a hand"

In this scene, Dexter gives the following description:

Dexter: “The foot was severed between the tarsus and metatarsus The wound is circular. Again, almost surgical.”

Q:  What's wrong with Dexter's statement?

Q:  If you were hired as the medical consultant for Dexter, how would you correct this blatant mistake?






What's wrong Dexter's statement?

The anatomic location is completely wrong!  

Anatomists all over the world were cringing when they heard Dexter say this!  Hey Dexter scriptwriters, if your looking for a medical consultant,  I got your back!!!


How would you correct the mistake?

Dexter should say "The foot was severed through the distal end of the tibia and fibula."

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