Liver Zone Mnemonic

The centrilobular hepatocytes represent which zone of the Liver?

  1. Zone 1
  2. Zone 2
  3. Zone 3


CenTHREElobular zone

The cenTHREElobular zone also has 3 things that it's "Most susceptible to"....


Examples of "Detoxification injury" are acetaminophen and carbon tetrachloride.


Thanks to Dr. Migue Maturana

Photo credit: Copyright ©2014 Colin T. Shearn et al.; Source: "Short Term Feeding of a High Fat Diet Exerts an Additive Effect on Hepatocellular Damage and Steatosis in Liver-Specific PTEN Knockout Mice" PLoS One. 2014; 9(5): e96553; The photo has been cropped and annotated. Creative commons Attribution 4.0


#1 An Duy Ho 2017-07-23 02:09
Moreover, the hepatocytes are variable in the function in each zone. Zone 1 obtains glycogen and protein synthesis; while zone 3 is related to lipid, drugs, alcohol, and detoxification.
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