• Q: When is a lens really NOT a lens?
  • A:  When it's a-fake-ic! 

Aphakia = Absence of the lens of the eye.  It is usually due to surgical removal but may also be a congenital anomaly.  Without a lens there is a loss of accommodation and hyperopia (farsightedness).


  • Q:  What happens when the retina cries?
  • A:  You get retinal tears! 

Retinal Tears often present with "flashes and floaters" and can lead to vision-threatening retinal detachment!  Retinal tears are usually treated with laser surgery or cryotherapy (Cryopexy).


  • Q:  What happened when the Ophthalmologist fell into the lens grinder?
  • A: He made a spectacle of himself! 


Got any good Ophthalmology jokes?  Share them with me in the comment section!



#2 cornel 2016-05-18 12:16
Ophtalmology = dream residency
#1 Sahar A 2016-05-17 22:11
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