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#1 mahitha 2016-03-01 17:15
Apoptosis: Proapoptotic and anti-apoptotic molecules mnemonic
Hello! We are going to have life and death talks today.

Just kidding. We'll be talking about apoptosis - remembering molecules that promote or inhibit apoptosis, as the title suggests.

Let's start!

"Bax kills cells with an axe."
BAX promotes apoptosis.

"Caspase converts cells into casper (the ghost)."
Caspases promotes apoptosis. (Conversion into ghosts, that is, death).

"Dying is bad."
BAD promotes apoptosis.

Getting baked is like dying.
BAK promotes apoptosis.

I think bcl 2 is saying, "be clever, live" reminding us to live longer.
bcl 2 inhibits apoptosis and thus, is anti-apoptotic.

That's all!
Life and death.
Category: Pathology Mnemonics

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