I wanted to let you know I passed STEP 1. I wish I could tell you I got a 260, but I earned a 210. It's not great, I know, but it is important you know that everyday I wanted to quit, I would read the stories on your website. I would watch your videos, and they kept me inspired and motivated to keep trying… to keep studying. I thought almost daily of how I could be one of those stories of students who overcame adversity. Those stories helped me believe in myself and I wanted to share mine.

I know that growing up I had no business ever applying to Medical School. I struggled through high school and barely made it into college. I remember being rejected from a mediocre university four times, all my friends had been accepted into universities and I was stuck at community college for 2 and ½ years. When I finally was accepted into that university, after taking the MCATs twice; (getting scores of 9 and then later a 19) my advisor said to me, “you will never make it in med school because you will not be able to pass the tests, don’t waste your money.” Ironically, this advisor later became dean of admissions in a Medical school that will go un-named.  Back home when I told people I wanted to become a Doctor, I would almost always get a laugh or sarcastic remark in response.  But, I never gave up and I got into med school.  

My first NBME was a 160 I think, but I kept working and finally took my STEP 1. During the exam I freaked out, I felt like I was blowing it, and all I could think after my 3rd block was that everyone was right to think I couldn’t pass these tests. On my break I walked into the bathroom, splashed water on my face and remembered what you told my class; “Your destiny is greatness, don’t get trapped by dogma which is the result of other people´s thinking, never give up on your dream.” Had it not been for that, who knows what would have happened.

I thank anyone who shares there stories on your website and you also Dr. Barone. You’re a great inspiration to me and gave me the courage to believe in myself.

If you want to share that story on your site I would be honored. I hope it will help someone like the other stories helped me.

C. W.   August 14, 2014


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