How to Rock Your Shelf Exams

Here's some advice from students on how to rock your shelf exams:

Remember that every student has their own likes and dislikes so choose the resources that work best for you!




"I would recommend reading blue print, and case files for each subject. In addition, I would recommend  doing the practice NBME from the website. (There is at least one for each shelf). I would supplement UWORLD questions during the rotation."

- Mikale


"Step up to med for IM, Psych clerkship book, Blueprints for OB, Kaplan for surgery & peds, UWORLD for all rotations"


"Just took my last shelf exam last week. There are 2 practice NBME exams online ($20, 50Q each exam). I've scored within 2 points of each of my shelf exams. Those NBME exams are dead on accurate. Besides that, UWORLD is the way to go"

- Peter


"I found case files & USMLE questions to be very helpful. Kaplan questions were not effective for Psych at all."

- Susan


"For medicine a very underrated book that is excellent for educational purposes, exceptionally written, and very through is Davidson. I was the lone wolf using that book but I loved it."

- R. J. L.


"Lippincott 'Shelf-Life series' and Lippincott 'Q&A Medicine' for internal medicine"



"The questions are very similar to pre-test."


"Blueprints: obgyn and peds; Surgical Recall; Internal Medicine: Pocket Harrison's; UW for all shelfs"


Many students also like this pocket book for shining on the wards!

"There are many paths to success.  Learning the material and practicing with questions are the key to rocking the shelf exams.  Which source you use is often a mater of personal preference.  I wish you the best of luck as you learn your craft!"  - Dr. Barone

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