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****  Want to know what residency directors ****

****  are looking for in US Grads?  Criteria  ****

The key to Matching is to make yourself the best candidate that you can!

Scores:  Obviously are a big deal. Great scores, open doors!  You only have one chance... so ROCK the exams.  260 baby! 

US clinical experience:  Critical for making connections, getting letters, and impressing the right people.  Sometimes it's all about who you know! 

Visa Status:  Hard to change so start researching the programs that give the H1 visa.  They are the most competitive programs so get yourself into those hospitals and show them your skills.

Gaps:  Again hard to control so make sure to use that time to productively if possible.  Be ready to explain on the interview.

Letters of Recommendation:  You want 3 good ones.  US preferably with at least one from the specialty that you are applying to!   Residency directors and chairmen are the best.

Personal statement:  Students stress the most about this... and the program directors put the least weight on it.  Show it to as many good english speakers as you can.  Don't copy from someone else... they can find out.  Cut out the BS and use concrete examples. One page, 4 paragraphs at most! 

Research:  Important for competitive specialties such as Derm, Plastics, Neurosurg, etc.  Most important... is who you meet and impress during your time there.

Application:  Don't wait till the last minute!  

Interviews:  You only get one chance to make a good impression.  Make sure to read my interview tips!

Good Hunting!  I'll be rooting for you!

 Dr. Barone


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#4 mohammad basheer 2017-08-31 12:54
good evening sir
how can I get all of your vedios and lectures
#3 Daniela 2016-07-13 23:44
There's this quote that says "It is not about what you know or who you know but WHO KNOWS YOU." Thanks for the tips Dr. Barone :lol:
#2 Aaradhana J 2016-03-26 02:44
Thank you Dr. Barone.
#1 Vengatram S 2016-03-25 18:11
Excellent guidance Dr. John Barone!! Thank you so much!
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