Interview Tips from Students Currently on the Interview Trail


A few things l've learned on the Residency interview trail:

  • Splurge a little extra for that hotel with free breakfast. A bagel and muffin will only take you so far in the morning. If you even get that.

  • Actually just splurge for a nice hotel in general. Preferably one with an actual shower head.

  • Never wear a bow tie to an interview. Just no.

  • Splash some color in your outfit. You don't want staff to think you are either with JCO or an undertaker.

  • You never know who you will actually interview with. Be nice to everyone. Actually just be nice anyway, it usually helps.

  • There will always be that one question you need to pull out of your a$$ every interview because you weren't expecting it. I now know the perfect word l would use to describe myself. Shame l came up with it after the fact.

 Dr. Barone: “OK we're curious... what word did you use to describe yourself?”

I should have gone with “Persistent” in hindsight. I said “Dedicated” instead, which wasn't terrible either, just always a problem giving a decent answer that also isn't vomit-inducing for the other person.


- Mark P.




#2 Medstudent 1 2016-10-24 14:42
Is it acceptable to answer with a word that describes you in a way that is not relative to the career? ...such as adventurous? Or should it be stricly relative to being a hard worker?
#1 Amber C 2015-11-29 02:58
That's so great!!
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