Barone’s Common Sense Interview Tips and Insights!


1.  Relax.  I don’t give interviews to candidates that I’m not willing to take! So on paper, I’m interested!

2.  Do mock interviews!!!  Ask for feedback!  Practice, practice, practice.

3.  Be prepared to answer the standard questions. Put a positive spin but ALWAYS tell the truth.

4.  Cut out the “BS” and the “fluff”!  Everyone says they are a hard worker!  Concrete examples that demonstrate it are best. Our “BS detector” is set to the maximum level.

5.  We want to know what is unique about you!  It’s what makes you memorable and helps you stand out from the average that counts.

6.  Be prepared to talk about anything on your application!  Especially any deficiencies you might have.  You will be asked!

7.  Have questions ready for me that show that you know something about my program!  Do your homework and know the program! Ask thoughtful questions!

8.  Be cordial and respectful to everyone you meet on the interview!  Especially secretaries, nurses, residents, and the support staff!  I often ask their opinion of you.  How you act when the spotlight isn’t on… tells me more about you then when your “on stage”!

9.  Dress like a professional.  If you’re going to be my resident…  You better look good.  Dress for success.

10.  For goodness sake… be on time!!!!

11.  Most importantly, be honest and be yourself.

Good Luck!!!  From Dr. Barone!


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#2 Elana T 2017-10-19 13:37
Great tips for any interview :lol:
#1 Joeb U 2016-03-04 11:52
I read all of the 11 interview tips. Its very simple and easy to understand article. keep up the great work.
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