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"I learned way too late the importance of the SLOE letter. The Standard Letter of Evaluation that only specific EM physicians have the ability to write. Let the students know to get these EARLY in the year! Around April and May if possible, so that they will be ready in Sept. Peace be the journey." - Applicant to EM 2016


  • An evaluation of an applicant by an Emergency Medicine Faculty from an Emergency Medicine Residency Program.
  • Developed to provide a global perspective on an applicant’s candidacy for training by providing meaningful comparisons to peers applying for training in emergency medicine.
  • Provides an overall perspective on what an individual candidate offers to a training program. 
  • Can give insight into the Maturity, professionalism, leadership, compassion, initiative, enthusiasm that an applicant possess.

Here is what the letter looks like:  PDF

Here's a students perspective : "The SLOE is a supped up LOR. It allows the attending physicians to rank the student amongst other students who have completed in their EM rotation. The SLOE (pronounced slow-ee) can only be written by doctors who are members of CORD (Council of EM Residency Directors). Most the time, these CORD members are EM program directors at big trauma centers which have a residency. So when looking to do rotations and external rotations, pick the ones with the EM residencies! (Not the little podunk urgent cares) Because if there is no residency, 99% of the time there is no one to write the SLOE. This is why only 87 US-IMGs matched to EM in 2016. Because it is so hard to land these residency-associated EM rotations. By the time I finished my "core" 3rd year electives, it was too late to book an external rotation in EM. The spots fill so fast. The best advice I have, would be to get into contact with hospitals months ahead of time (Feb-March) so that when the hospitals accept rotation applications in Apr/May, you can book one for when you finish 3rd year cores. I wish, I wish! I could do it all again. My application is strong, but it just doesn't have that cherry sloe on top. Some programs even list on their website that they require at least 1 sloe. Anyways, hope this helped!"

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