Hugh Jackman

The "Wolverine" Hugh Jackman is currently "regenerating" from removal of a basal cell carcinoma from his nose.  Hugh was smart to listen to his wife who 'suggested' it should be looked at.  Basal cell is the most common tumor in adults and is especially common in fair skinned individuals.  This includes my Aussie friends down under.  The combination of fair skin and sunny skies is a big risk factor for skin cancers including basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and the 'dreaded' malignant melanoma.

The question is... did he cut it off himself.... with his retractable claws????  Talk about a shave biopsy!   Or maybe he asked Cyclops to burn it off! 

PS:  He may be the most awesome of the X-men mutants but his spelling of 'Basil' cell needs some attention!!  Maybe he's a fan of the cooking herb basil???  No worries.... 'Basil' cell will resolve with Thyme!!! 

Top 3 ways to Kill Wolverine

# 3.  Take away his healing factor

# 2.  Decapitate him

# 1.  Steal his sunscreen!!!!


UPDATE:  Second tumor removed


PhotoSources:  thehughjackman/Instagram and Nephron

Contributions by Dr. Victor Guevara and Dr. Hayer Said's  13 year old nephew!


#1 Aileen Afshar 2016-09-01 01:40
Dr. Barone you really do rock! Love your smileys dead on point. Died about the spelling jokes! and top three ways to kill a wolverine!. :D
you make medical school and studying for boards that much better :roll:
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