Dennis Hopper dies at age 74 of Prostate Cancer

Actor Dennis Hopper passed away on May 29th 2010 after a long battle with prostate cancer.  He was best know for his roles in "Easy Rider", "Apocalypse Now", "Hoosiers", and "Blue Velvet".  He often played bizarre and eccentric characters that may have mirrored his private life where he battled alcohol and drug-abuse.  He recently accepted his “star” on the Hollywood “walk of fame”.


What is Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and where does it come from?

PSA is a glycoprotein that functions as a serine protease enzyme. It is produced by the prostatic epithelium and is normally secreted in the semen.


If a patient has an elevated PSA or an indurated mass on digital rectal exam (DRE) what is the next step in the diagnosis of the patient?

Transrectal  needle biopsies are required to confirm the diagnosis.


What is the grading system for prostate cancer?

The Gleason Grading system which grades prostate cancer on a scale from 2 to 10 based on adding the 2 most prevalent histologic patterns of differentiation.  The higher the grade the worse.


What finding on radionucleotide bone scanning is characteristic of prostate cancer?

Osteoblastic bone metastasis.


What is brachytherapy?

Brachytherapy is a form of local radiation therapy involving the placement of small radioactive rods called “seeds” into the prostate.


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