I would like to thank:

My family who supports and inspires me. Without them I would not be!

My mentors who helped me along the way: Dan Luthringer MD, Neil Goldstein MD, Ramesh Doshi MD, Betsy Taub MD, David Bernstein MD, C. Fischer MD, Sanchez MD, and Bill DePond MD.

My BaroneRocks Team who puts in the hard work behind-the-scenes: Vishnu Ravi MD, Brian, Matt.

My partner in Medical Hip Hop, Pramanik MD who helped me find my beat.

My amazing "Rockstar Docs"  Michael Levin MD and David Anguiano MD who make my music come to life.

All of the amazing students that I have had the privilege to meet and befriend. It’s an honor having you in my medical mafia.


In loving memory of Henry and Linda.


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