Summary of Findings:


> Everyone has a Shot!

Residency programs don't base their interview decisions solely on USMLE step 1 scores.   Students with weaker Step 1 scores actually submitted fewer applications per interview received compared to students with solid or marginal scores.   Residency program interest in students is multifactorial and depends on more then just scores.


> Don't miss an opportunity to market yourself!

IMG's who didn't attend all interviews missed important opportunities to match.


> If you Dance (interview), you have a chance!

Non-matching applicants didn't rank all the programs they interviewed at.   A small number IMG's would have matched if they had ranked programs that ranked them.  So if you would be willing to do a residency at the instituation, you should rank all the programs that you have an interview with.


> If you like it put a rank on it!

Non-matching applicants didn't rank all the programs they would be willing to attend.


Mistakes that non-matching applicants were more likely to make:

  1. Failed to rank all the programs they would be willing to attend.

  2. Failed to rank a mix of competitive and less competitive programs.

  3. Ranked programs that didn't interview them.  Applicants will not match at programs that they have not had an interview.

  4. Ranked programs based on their likelihood of matching rather then preference.


Here's what you should do to be successful:  Rank List Advice

Source: “Understanding the Interview and Ranking Behaviors of Unmatched International Medical Students and Graduates in the 2013 Main Residency Match” Journal of Graduate Medical Education, December 2015; 610-615


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