Summary of Findings:


> Everyone has a Shot!

Residency programs don't base their interview decisions solely on USMLE step 1 scores.   Students with weaker Step 1 scores actually submitted fewer applications per interview received compared to students with solid or marginal scores.   Residency program interest in students is multifactorial and depends on more then just scores.


> Don't miss opportunities to market yourself!

IMG's who didn't attend all interviews missed important opportunities to match.


> If you Dance (interview) you have a chance!

Non-matching applicants didn't rank all the programs they interviewed at.   A small number IMG's would have matched if they had ranked programs that ranked them.


> If you like it put a rank on it!

Non-matching applicants didn't rank all the programs they would be willing to attend.


Mistakes that non-matching applicants were more likely to make:

  • Failed to rank all the programs they would be willing to attend.

  • Failed to rank a mix of competitive and less competitive programs.

  • Ranked programs that didn't interview them.  Applicants will not match at programs that they have not had an interview.

  • Ranked programs based on their likelihood of matching rather then preference.


Here's what you should do to be successful:  Rank List Advice

Source: “Understanding the Interview and Ranking Behaviors of Unmatched International Medical Students and Graduates in the 2013 Main Residency Match” Journal of Graduate Medical Education, December 2015; 610-615


#3 Jacques L 2015-12-28 00:00
#2 Leidis B 2015-12-21 22:09
Great! Thank you Dr. Barone. ;-)
#1 Chitra P 2015-12-21 21:55
Thanks, Dr. Barone! This summary is very helpful, along with the rank list advice!!
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