High Yield Medical Music

It's finally here!  High Yield Medical Music to help you retain and remember the key points!  Take a mental break from studying and have some fun while learning!  

  • High-yield Exam Tested points
  • Barone’s mnemonics
  • Pathology of stars
  • Quality music
  • Great memory tool
  • “Like an Auditory tattoo to your hippocampus”


Download Baronerocks Medical Music (Link Coming soon)

“Best advice to medical students?  Ride the Barone Pony on the road to success!”  - Sam Turco

"Innovative and fun! Keep up the good work!" - Dr. Steven Daugherty

"Very cleverly done!" - Mary Ruebush Ph.D

A portion of the sales goes to help families devastated by Amyotrophic Lateral sclerosis(ALS), Pediatric Brain Tumors, and to St. Judes Cancer Center.


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